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  • Motto: “Care Excellence-Our Aim”

Our Regulated Activities

Care & Grace Ltd. Regulated Activities

Personal Care

We aim to:

Provide skilled and bespoke care to enable service users who are supported by us to achieve their optimum state of health and wellbeing.

Treat all service users supported by us, and all our staff with the respect they deserve at all times.

Uphold and defend both the human and citizenship rights of all our staff and service users.

Support individual choice and personal decision ­making as a right of all Service Users.

Respect and encourage the right of independence of all Service Users.

Recognise the individual uniqueness of our service users, and tailor our services around them at all times.

Respect each individual’s requirement for privacy at all times and treat all information relating to individuals in a confidential manner.

Recognise the individual need for personal fulfillment and offer individualised programmes of meaningful activity to satisfy the needs of our service users.

Wellbeing Services

The following wellbeing services are available to our service users:

  • Companionship – Everyone needs someone to talk to from time to time. We offer accompanying services for: shopping, trips to the cinema, meals, and many more outdoor activities. Other indoor companionship services are available for those that are not able to go out as much. We also offer activities of interest.
  • Hospital visits – We endeavor to keep in touch with our service users, even when they are in hospital.
  • Social – Leisure opportunities like organising days out, holidays, attending exercise classes, etc.

Flexible Care and Support Services

  • Support with daily living
  • Home visits
  • Housework – General domestic services, such as cleaning.
  • Laundry – Ironing and folding services.
  • Shopping – Assisting service users with online shopping if required.