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  • Motto: “Care Excellence-Our Aim”
  • Supported Living

    We also provide housing support for adults with physical and mental disabilities in a home that they can call their home.
  • Respite Care

    Our respite care services and tasks may include a needed break for a carer; Support during an illness or recovery period.
  • Personal Care

    Provide skilled and bespoke care to enable service users who are supported by us to achieve their optimum state of health and wellbeing.

Welcome to Care & Grace Ltd.

Our company prides itself on its mandate of providing personal care that encapsulates our honored principles: preserving personal dignity and extending compassion to one and all.
Our services are tailor-made to suit each individual service user and our rates are highly competitive.
The purpose of our organisation is to provide personal care to service users in the community. Our service model is based around providing services to local authorities. In the community, Care & Grace Ltd will work in partnership with hospitals, local councils, nursing homes and specialist care centres to deliver and maintain high standard of care. The purpose of our agency is to provide reliable workers solutions to our service users within the public and private healthcare sector. Care & Grace Ltd Service will work in partnership with hospitals, local councils, nursing homes and specialist care centres to deliver and maintain high standard of care.

More About Care & Grace Ltd.

Our staff team comprises experienced carers with a passion for contributing to making a positive difference in the lives of the service users through companionship and care-giving. This care and support as provided by us goes to meet the needs of service users with varying levels of care and support due to injury, long-term illness, disability, and other vulnerabilities.
Our office is situated in the heart of Birmingham City centre with excellent accessibility to amenities. We operate a 24-hour on-call system to ensure there is availability for 24-hour care and support in emergency situations for our live-in provisions.
Our service user group include the elderly, disabled and anyone over the age of 18 and who may require personal care and support.
Some of the daily tasks undertaken by our care staff team include but not limited to personal care, meal preparation, domestic duties, medication assistance, meal preparation, companionship, appointments, running errands, amongst others.
The care and support we provide is centred on the care plan of the individual service user and so there is a complete meeting of their needs whilst upholding their independence, dignity and privacy.

What is Home Care... In Home Care Services For Everyone.

Our Homecare or Domiciliary care service involves the holistic provision of care and support to our service user service users in their comfort of their home. We always aim for the highest level of care and support. Our focus for a professional, person-centred, flexible, effective and efficient service assures the achievement of the individual needs’ satisfaction. Our equality-compliant and inclusive approaches toward individual service user needs go to promote their independence and dignity always.
In the main, we are able to provide services according to the needs of the service users, however, among the services provided by our Homecare/Domiciliary Care Team include, but not limited to, personal care, mobility assistance, domestic household tasks, companionship, lifestyle advice.
There is no minimum to the length of time required for care service needed by the service user service user, and we are also able to provide 24-hour services as the case may be for each service user’s requirements. We believe this would afford them their needed sense of independence, choice, autonomy and direction as regards their everyday life.
Our broad care provision enables us to meet the specific needs of all service users irrespective of their particular condition or ailment.

What Services We offer

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